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Redesigning a personalized training platform - a case Study 

BeAPT is a training platform whose main service is to offer personalized training given and oriented by coaches according to each athlete's objectives, metrics, and modality.

The client's objectives are to redesign the visual brand and expand the platform. 


Programs used:

UX/UI Designer

Adobe XD, Figma, Invision

How might we redesign and improve:
  • The visual image of the brand and platform while maintaining the already established association the current costumers already have

  • A simpler and clearer user journey

  • Make it easier for the coach to manage their athletes ; the administration to manage their platform

To achieve these goals, I decided to take some steps:

Develop the brand's design key words
  • High performance

  • Clean

  • Moviment

  • Boldness

Define the most important objectives for the platform
  • Analise the existing platform

  • Detect key points to improve

  • Choose priorities to develop and use as a basis for the platform

  • Develop new user flows

  • Redesign the logo, color palette, percentages of color combinations

  • Create - Dashboard, New Admin Section, Notification bar, updates within each athlete's profile, a color system to organize training blocks

  • Create a Design Library

  • Create a new Administration section with important key processes


With these objectives in mind, I proceeded to develop a user flow, define where to implement the new functions, and define the accessible information.


User flow with the existing platform and added functions.


My wireframing process starts with a list of the most important things to be displayed by screen along with a quick paper sketch, which then a move to a digital version.

I like to wireframe in this way so I can review particular screens with a team or a client when needed.

UI Design
Ui Kit

The UI kit has the components needed for this project.

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